Visual Identity Unification

The English Playgroup is one of the largest educational organizations in Kuwait. The EPG has more than 30 branches over the state and more than 8000 students.

Main goal of brand unification was to bring under one umbrella all different parts of the EPG organization.

First step was to decompose established logo, simplified it and then implement it for various departments or purposes.

Logo regroup
Instead of previous version of logo, suggestion is to concentrate elements/blocks in square composition.

Proposed is to introduce additional shade of blue for G square which will bring rhythm and movement to composition

Smiley is over complicated and illustration based element. Proposed is warm circle that takes inspiration from smiley but also brings playful element to the blocky structure.

Typography for English is kept, slightly adjusted for width. Arabic is changed to reflect style of English copy


Logo itself is starting point in creation of layouts. Position of logo depends on content that should be placed in layout and can be adjusted during design process to fit all necessary content. When logo is placed from center of it, four sections are created. These section can contain photos, text, solid color or any other information. Images are always in upper part of page but they can be added in bottom part of layout. Text and photos are never mixed.